Consciousness Based Education

Maharishi Skill’s Consciousness Based Education is completely unique in management education today. The basis of this approach is the use of Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology to develop the Consciousness of every student. As students become more alert and awake, they naturally gain a more complete appreciation of every field of study.

There are three aspects of knowledge: the knower (the consciousness of the participant), the known (the field of study), and the process of knowing (which connects the knower to the known).

Modern education focuses only on the known, the field of study, and excludes the other two-thirds of knowledge, the knower and the process of knowing.

MAHARISHI SKILL’s Consciousness Based approach attends to all three values of knowledge. Through development of the participant’s consciousness, the knower and process of knowing become more and more lively and awake. Participants gain more complete appreciation of the known — the field of knowledge being studied.

MAHARISHI SKILL’s Consciousness Based Education includes the Transcendental Meditation¬®; and TM-Sidhi Programme; and the collective practice of Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme¬≠technologies proven to develop all qualities necessary for perfection in personal and professional life. These programmes are practised twice daily (once before classes and then at the end of classes) by all students and faculty, thereby assuring the systematic